Purity Coffee Is The New Superfood

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Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants you can have in your diet? It's true. Coffee is the New Superfood. In fact, it's so healthy for you, your Chiropractor recommends you drink 1 to 3 cups a day. Besides the natural boost in energy and how you feel, the robust antioxidants in coffee helps reverse the effects of eating food that may not be great for you, that can lead to oxidative stress and inflammation in your body.

Purity Difference

Our coffee is different. It's part of only 3% of coffee produced in the world that is "specialty" Organic coffee. Which means special care is used in the growing, processing and roasting process. While mass-produced coffee, 97% of coffee grown worldwide, is affected by poor processing. Which can leave dangerous toxins and contaminants in your cup of coffee.

Taste the Difference

Not only will you immediately notice an overall good feeling, when you taste your first cup of Purity Coffee, you'll notice the difference right away. Our unique roasting process ensures our beans are roasted to perfection, and our coffee has a smooth, refreshing flavor. Then it's shipped to you just days after roasting to ensure maximum health benefits.

Complete Your Healthy Lifestyle

You may exercise regularly. You may walk or run religiously. You may take vitamins and fish oil. You may watch what you eat like a hawk. But are you still drinking "mass-produced" coffee? It's not too late to make your daily coffee consistent with your healthy living, with Purity Coffee.

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No Ordinary Coffee

Purity Coffee goes to great lengths to ensure quality and health in our coffee. 97% of coffee is mass-produced, often in questionable conditions. Including exposure to chemicals, pesticides, mold and more. Purity Coffee is Organic. Which means we minimize undesirable factors, while maximizing the health benefits.

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Once you try Purity Coffee, with it's unique taste, freshness and health benefits, you'll never drink mass-produced coffee again.

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The Truth About The Coffee You Drink… and Purity Coffee

97% of the World's Coffee is Tainted By Growing and Processing Practices.

Read On If You Would Rather Drink Healthy Coffee, Instead of Coffee Contaminated with Chemicals, Mold, Pesticides and More. See Why Our Customers Drink Only Purity Coffee.

Being coffee lovers ourselves, we knew the state of the coffee industry. The poor production practices. The chemical and pesticide contamination. The ongoing problem with mold in the product.

We've had good coffee while in other countries and never experienced bad feelings and jitters from any of those coffees, unlike mass-produced coffee we drink here in America. After collaborating with some of the brightest minds in sustainable, organic growing operations… including our researchers and scientists who are experts in the coffee industry…

We Knew We Could Do Better

So we started our quest for the world's healthiest coffee. We started with a deep look at many of the over 19,000 studies on coffee and it's effects on health. We saw that there was a lot of confusion about coffee. Some say it's not healthy to drink too much… while others say it's healthy for you. Then we also found a lot of misinformation, that was not accurate at all.

At one time coffee was associated with many different diseases, from cancer and breast lumps to birth defects and heart disease. Those were crazy times, when you'd see doctors in their offices smoking cigarettes and even endorsing certain brands on TV. It was later revealed that many of these studies were not valid, since they failed to separate other risk factors from the testing, like smoking, heavy drinking and lack of exercise. But coffee was still the villain.

The Real Facts About Coffee

In more recent times, as the misinformation of the past was filtered out, scientists and researchers determined that coffee was indeed good for you. A true Superfood. In fact, in 2016 the federal government amended their dietary guidelines to include their findings that drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day is tied to multiple health benefits. Including positively affecting those with heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

However, over the years, the large demand for coffee in America led to coffee being mass-produced. We already knew that anything that is mass-produced is usually not good for you. And coffee was no exception, becoming tainted with chemicals, pesticides, mold and even cancer-causing carcinogens. Many others understood and believed the same thing we knew, which helped to start the "organic movement" that's been alive and growing in America for the past 10 years or so.

The Good News About Coffee

You don't have to subject yourself to coffee that contains dangerous chemicals every day. You don't have to settle for cheap coffee just to save a buck. You don't have to drink "stale" coffee that was ground many months before you bought it, losing much of it's health benefits.

Because you can drink "specialty organic" coffee every day instead. What if your coffee could actually make you feel good immediately after drinking it? What if your coffee was grown, processed and handled with care and pride, to ensure you only get the absolute best coffee that is among the top 3% of coffee produced in the world? Special coffee that not only made you feel good as you're drinking a cup, but also included one of the highest antioxidant content of any food or vitamin you can consume?

The good news is… You can. Because we are Purity Coffee. We're different. And you can taste the difference. You see, there is a reason why your Chiropractor recommended Purity Coffee to you. Purity Coffee is so good for you, it is considered to be The New Superfood. And your Chiropractor cares about your health and your best interest.

Purity Coffee… on a quest to produce the world's healthiest coffee.